5 Benefits of Merino Wool for Baby Clothes

When you’re buying baby clothes for your little one, you want to find clothes that are going to keep your baby comfortable and happy. Merino wool is becoming a popular choice because it’s super soft, breathable and temperature regulating, which brings big benefits for you and your baby – as well as being better for the planet because it’s naturally renewable.

Read on to find out 5 of the biggest benefits of merino wool for baby clothes.

1. It’s naturally soft on your baby’s skin

The natural softness of merino wool makes it perfect for merino baby clothes. Your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, so you don’t want to dress your baby in fabrics that are going to irritate it. Unlike some wools, merino wool isn’t itchy. The fibres have a fine outer layer that feels almost silky, and are soft and gentle against your baby’s skin.

2. It stops your baby overheating or getting cold

Merino wool has an incredible natural ability to respond to temperature changes. Merino baby clothes keep little ones at a consistently comfortable temperature all year round. We often think of wool as something we’d put on our baby to keep them warm, but merino is actually brilliant at regulating your baby’s body temperature to stop them getting too hot or too cold. It’s also super breathable and regulates humidity, so your baby won’t feel clammy.

3. It protects your baby’s delicate skin from moisture, allergens and sun

One of the biggest benefits of merino wool is that it helps to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

Thanks to its amazing ability to regulate heat and humidity, merino baby clothes keep your baby’s skin cleaner and drier than most synthetics. The breathable fabric absorbs excess moisture from your baby’s skin and releases it into the air. Not only does this keep your baby comfy, fresh and happy, it protects them against rashes or other skin conditions too.

Merino wool is also hypoallergenic, so it’s suitable for babies with skin allergies or sensitive skin. It has even been shown to be beneficial for babies with skin conditions like eczema.

Plus, it’s an excellent natural sun protector! Merino baby clothes provide a natural protective barrier to UV rays, absorbing them before they can reach your little one’s skin.

4. It helps your baby sleep better (meaning better sleep for you)

Because merino wool keeps your baby clean, dry and at a comfortable temperature, putting your little one in merino baby clothes at bedtime can help them sleep better. Studies have shown that babies feel calmer and more comfortable in merino clothing than they do in synthetics, helping them sleep deeper and longer. Which means more sleep for you, too!

5. You’ll have less laundry

And here’s the really good news… Merino wool baby clothes don’t need washing as often as synthetics, meaning less laundry for you! The material is naturally odour-resistant and has a protective outer layer that repels dirt and staining, so your baby can get more wears from it before it needs to go in the wash. Merino baby clothes are easy to clean too – just pop them in the machine or hand-wash them, and they’ll return to their original shape by themselves.